Amreeki Yatra Urdu Safarnama by Razia Butt Free Download Pdf

Friday, January 6, 2017

Amreeki Yaatra
Famous Urdu Safarnama "Amreeki Yatra" is here for free download and read online in Pdf. Amreeki Yatra is the cover-name of this Pdf Urdu book which is a travelogue of the famous Urdu author Ms. Razia Butt who is a famous Urdu novelist, Drama writer, Digest writer and popular Urdu author from Pakistan. Razia Butt has written a lot of Urdu fiction stories and scripts for different Urdu Dramas. Razia Butt is best known as an Urdu writer and for her famous Urdu novels and books. "Amreeki Yatra (A Journey to America). Razia Butt writes the Urdu story of her visit to America. She has narrated this travelogue in beautiful Urdu words. The author Razia Butt visited America and wrote a fascinating Urdu story about the events there in America. The writer was invited by her sister for the wedding ceremony of her niece living in the United States. She has also written that how do American-Pakistanis celebrate their events like marriage etc. Amreeki Yatra is a beautiful story of America in the Urdu language. You will also learn the lifestyle in America in the Urdu language.
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