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Jinnat Ka Ghulam (True Story) book free download

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jinnat Ka ghulam Urdu book
Free download or read online another interesting Urdu book about Jinns "Jinnat Ka Ghulam" (the slave of Jinns) and read a true story of a local journalist Shahid Nazir Chaudhry from Lahore Pakistan, who remained with Jinns for 20 days and after his release wrote this book Jinnat Ka Ghulam.

Many people does not believe in such a stories and even many people refuse that Jinns do not exist. But a Muslim has to believe in the existence of Jinns because there is a whole chapter (Jin) in Qur'an. According to the Holy Qur'an, Jinns were created from fire while human being were created from soil and water.

In childhood we have listened from our elders that Jinns call us blinds because we can not see them but they exist, like we can not see the air but the air exist. The story of Jinnat Ka Ghulam is true and not a fiction like in other books because the story of novel is written by a popular Journalist Mr. Shahid Nazir Chaudhry and this is his own story. 

The book has no index

 Sample pages of the book "Jinnat Ka Ghulam" by Shahid Nazir Ch.

Jinnat Ka ghulam pdf book

Jinnat Ka ghulam pdf

Jinnat Ka ghulam

Size: 4.28 MB
Pages: 368

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